Energy Diet for Soccer Players

A quality and healthy energy diet for soccer players will increase your performance in the long-term while eating wrong type of food will surely affect your performance negatively.

A proper energy diet for soccer players should be carbohydrate rich and consumed 2-3 days prior to your upcoming games, You should also eat a carbohydrate rich meal 4 hours before the start of your game, Avoid eating candy, hamburgers or other type of such food.

Keep in mind to drink enough water in order to hydrate your body enough because that will impact on your performance on the field. One good practice is to drink at least 2 liter of water during the game day. This is especially crucial if the games are played during sunny and warm days.

A list of food that should be involved in your soccer diet.

* low-fat milk
* pancakes
* potatoes
* fruits
* yogurt
* bagels
* juices
* low-fat cottage cheese
* egg whites
* Bananas

* Fish (fat fish that is rich in omega 3)
* Pasta
* variety of breads (multi-grain)
* soups
* salads (without dressings)

* chicken (without the skin)
* other lean meats (not fried)
* rice (try to eat paddy or rough rice)
* vegetables (paprika, tomatoes, cucumbers)

Without proper nutrition I can ensure you that your performance will be pretty poor. Many soccer players are not aware of this and that’s why you should take advantage on it. Of course, you need to practice on your ball skills too. However, proper nutrition during your match and training days is a must if you want to perform well.

It is also important to consume proper food after the game is over in order to refuel your glycogen stores. Try to eat a meal high in carbohydrates as soon as possible. As mentioned in the table above, foods such as pasta, spaghetti, and rice should consumed during this period.

However, my own experience is that soccer player will rarely eat proper food and instead order a pizza or a hamburger meal. This is O.K sometimes but you should not make it to a habit. You need to take care of your body and if you don’t, then you can’t expect to perform well either.

Healthy “Soccer Day” Food Choices

Cereal with low-fat milk
Whole-grain toast/bagels
Orange Juice

Low-fat sandwiches with whole grain bread/rolls
Roast Beef
Peanut Butter

Lean meat (turkey, chicken, pork) or fish
Beans (black, pinto, kidney, garbanzo)
Potatoes (try baked with veggies and plain yogurt instead of sour cream)
Pasta (preferably whole grain with low-fat** sauces)
Rice (preferably brown)
Vegetables (go for color!)
Salads (without too much salad dressing!)
Fruit, Snacks, Frozen yogurt, Pretzels, Cereal

Trail mix (without too much candy!) Granola, fruit, or energy bars

**low-fat means food sources normally lower in fat, not manufactured “low-fat” products which may be very high in sugar and calories